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Aadhya Yogshala Team

The Aadhya Yogshala Team

As a cohesive team, we collaborate harmoniously to ensure the provision of top-tier education and unwavering support to our students. Our school boasts a warm and welcoming community of teachers that are devoted to your education. Each Aadhya Yogashala teacher is an accomplished expert, graduates of the school itself. They are wholeheartedly dedicated to generating a profound spiritual transformation in their students and aspire to foster a deep connection with the spiritual essence of yoga, guided by a foundation of awareness, expertise, patience, and boundless compassion.

Our all classes are conducted by graduates of Yoga Teacher Training Course. We have on board a team of highly skilled instructors who have dedicated themselves to ensure they bring about a spiritual transmutation in their students.

 Aadhya Yogshala Founder Abhi Krishna Ji

Abhi Krishna

Founder of Aadhya Yogshala, Abhi Krishna was born in a small city in India and grew up in a traditional Brahman family. Since he was a young boy, he learnt a lot about Indian culture and spirituality from his Father and has loved to pray and chant mantras ever since. The wealth of Indian traditions he was raised with plays a significant role in his life to this day.


Abhi was inspired to explore his own personal yoga practice after realizing the transformative benefits he could develop mentally, spiritually and physically. Five years later, he began teaching yoga at retreat programs conducted by his gurus. With a strong desire to share his knowledge with
others, Abhi wishes to make people happy and fit by promoting yoga everywhere. Founding Aadhya Yogshala, Rishikesh, in 2017, Abhi believes that yoga is the only way to find peace in our busy lives.

Swami Neeraj Ji

Guru Ji (Neeraj Nautiyal) was born in the Himalayas at the junction of the rivers Alaknanda and Mandakini in Rudraprayag. Since his childhood, Swami Niranjan has been living a yogi and a spiritual life under the guidance of many Himalayan masters. He travelled the Himalayas in silence visiting many auspicious sites of pilgrimage where he had an authentic experience of universal mother. 


His mission is to reveal the power of the Himalaya’s through devotion, yoga, and meditation. Neeraj believes this is the path to enjoy our inner adventures. Swami Niranjan’s experience has led him to his true self and since he has been sharing it with people from all over the world. He has a graduate degree in Philosophy, and he also has been instructed in Yoga and Philosophy from The Divine Life Society in Rishikesh. 

Guru ji Aadhya Yogshala
Yogi Mohan Ji Aadhya Yogshala

Yogi Mohan Ji

Born to a Vedic family, Yogi Mohan Panwar began the path of yoga at the age of 15. He completed his P.G.D.Y from H.N B. Garhwal University and M.Sc. in Yoga from Uttarakhand Open University. He is a master of Hatha Yoga with 7 years of teaching experience all over India. His deep understanding of body alignment and asana makes him an excellent teacher who provides a comprehensive education on the human body.

Yogi Mohan’s classes are an amalgamation of professionalism, competence and discipline with considerable softness and a good sense of humour, which makes his classes extremely effective and balanced. He is a passionate teacher with zeal to discover something new in each and every student. He is a motivating mater, professional teacher and an incredibly awesome person by heart.

Dipendra Tripathi

Dipendra Tripathi he was born at Sri Swami Rama ji’s ashram, Sadhana Mandir Trust, in Rishikesh, India, where his father served Swami Rama ji for almost 40 years before retiring at an old age. Owing to this fact, Dipendra was born and raised up in the ashram from birth and was brought up with yoga and spirituality as part of his childhood. He was very much privileged to be so close to Swami Rama ji and his teachings, which continues to be a strong influence on Dipendra into his adulthood. His time in the ashram has naturally brought him into yoga, meditation, its philosophy and its practices under his father’s close guidance. Yoga and its practices have been his main source that brings physical, mental and spiritual stability in his daily life. 

Before he stepped into yoga teaching, he pursued his education and completed a master's in yoga (M.A. Yoga). After few years of teaching in schools and private sessions, he finally decided to continue his studies and practices, and gradually started sharing his knowledge mainly in Kundalini yoga and anatomy, relaxation and meditation theory and practices. He aims to bring tranquillity and peace through yogic practices and to share his knowledge and experience. 

Dipendra Tripathi Ji Aadhya Yogshala

Doctor Swaranjali Ji

Dr. Swara, an accomplished MD in Naturopathy, has ascended to remarkable heights in the realms of Naturopathy and Ayurveda. Despite her considerable achievements, she remains a humble and petite figure, bearing the weight of a rich life experience. It is readily apparent that she invests her whole heart and soul into her professional endeavours.

Dr. Swara's commitment extends beyond the realm of her practice, encompassing the well-being of the universe, the Earth, and all living beings. With over 12 years of dedicated experience in Naturopathy, Ayurveda, and as a Modern Nutrition advisor, she views her vocation as a spiritual calling. She sees herself as a mere instrument of the divine, guided by blessings, and it is a local belief that her gentle touch possesses sacred healing qualities.

In the eyes of both our guests and our team, Dr. Swara is a truly exceptional asset.

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