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Aadhya Yogshala is a registered yoga school (RYS) with Yoga Alliance International India. We offer intensive 100-, 200- and 300-hour Yoga Teacher Training courses, Yoga Retreats, Yoga and Cultural Retreats, Ayurvedic Panchakarma Treatments and Ayurveda Massage courses designed for both beginners and intermediate, with 200YTT Yoga Alliance International Certification under the guidance of yogi Abhi Sharma.


Aadhya Yogshala aspires to establish a global community of yoga teachers, welcoming practitioners from across the world to come together and exchange their valuable experiences with us.


Our mission is to establish a welcoming space where individuals from all walks of life can access yoga education and champion the advantages of yoga on a global scale.


Aadhya Yogshala’s dream is to create a world where everyone can live with love and kindness for all.

समत्वं योग उच्यते
Samatvaṁ Yoga Uchyate 

(Evenness of Mind is known as Yoga)

Yoga, a holistic practice rooted in ancient India, encompasses physical, mental, and spiritual disciplines. Its primary objective is to master the art of calming and controlling the mind, recognizing an impartial witness-consciousness that remains untarnished by the mental and worldly


Practitioners of yoga have reported numerous physical and mental advantages. In recent years, an increasing body of scientific studies and research has substantiated these benefits, irrespective of whether one is practicing the downward-facing dog pose in the solitude of their bedroom, within an ashram in India, or even amidst the bustling streets of New York City's Times Square. The scope of yoga extends far beyond its physical dimensions, delivering a wealth of mental and physical well- being.

Yoga, in its various styles, typically involves physical postures, breath control, and meditation. It caters to individuals of all backgrounds, regardless of their previous flexibility or level of physical activity. For seniors and yoga novices, gentle, restorative, or chair-based classes offer an excellent starting point on their yoga journey.


Aadhya Yogshala stands as an innovative yoga centre nestled in the heart of Rishikesh, specializing in Yoga Teacher Training Courses and an array of Yoga and Cultural Retreats. Aadhya Yogshala provides a warm welcome to every aspiring yogi with a dream to explore new horizons. Our institution serves as a global community of experienced teachers, dedicated to sharing their profound knowledge and wisdom. Based in the sacred city of Rishikesh, our school is home to well-trained instructors with extensive teaching experience.

Why to Choose Aadhya Yogshala

  • Aadhya Yogshala proudly holds accreditation as a Yoga Alliance International Registered School, offering comprehensive Teacher Training Courses spanning 100, 200, and 300 hours, as well as a diverse array of transformative retreat experiences.

  • Our hand-picked accommodations provide guests with rooms complete with modern conveniences. Each room boasts spacious, comfortable beds with plush mattresses, air conditioning, and breathtaking mountain vistas. Bathrooms are thoughtfully equipped with western toilets, hot and cold showers, and generously sized, soft towels. 

  • Nestled in the renowned and picturesque Tapovan region of Rishikesh, our school enjoys close proximity to the sacred Ganges River and an array of other captivating locales. World-class dining establishments are just a brief 5-minute walk away. 

  • Within our premises, we offer a spacious yoga shala, complete with panoramic views and a comprehensive assortment of yoga accessories, including mats, bricks, belts, ropes, cushions, and an extensive selection of spiritual and educational literature. 

  • Catering to your well-being is a central facet of our commitment. Our kitchen teams diligently source fresh vegetables and fruits from nearby markets, ensuring the preservation of their natural flavours and aromas. We consistently employ the finest cooking oils to create a diverse array of delectable Indian cuisine. 

  • Our dedicated team of teachers brings a wealth of experience to the forefront, with many adhering to the revered Himalayan tradition of yoga instruction. They are readily available to provide guidance whenever you require assistance. 

  • As a gesture of our commitment to your immersion in this beautiful city, we allot ample time for exploration. Every Sunday, we offer a complimentary excursion to explore the surrounding areas, allowing you to experience the vibrant culture and natural beauty of this region. 

  • Your safety and comfort stand as our utmost priority, underpinned by a stringent commitment to maintaining a secure environment and the vigilant oversight of all safety measures. 

Why Study Yoga with Aadhya Yogashala

  1. Highly trained and experienced teachers. 

  2. Yoga Alliance International Accredited. 

  3. Teacher Training manuals. 

  4. Two beautiful locations, Goa and Rishikesh in positions by the Ganges River, surrounded by breathtaking mountains. 

  5. Comfortable, hand-picked 3-star accommodation with all facilities. 

  6. Night security. 

  7. Yoga shala has beautiful views of river and surrounding hills. 

  8. 3x Vegetarian meals and 1x tea-break daily. 

  9. Free drinking water. 

  10. Free Wi-Fi. 

  11. Option to learn and teach with us in the internship program. 

  12. Opportunity to teach in our school’s branches after graduation. 

  13. Opportunity to start our chapters in your country as Aadhya Yogshala franchisee. 

What You Will Learn 

  1. How to give confident and clear demonstrations 

  2. How to give clear instructions 

  3. Proper alignment of each posture 

  4. Yoga anatomy and physiology 

  5. How to do hands-on adjustments 

  6. How to avoid common injuries during practice 

  7. How to jump backward and forward (vinyasa flow) 

  8. Mantra Chanting 

  9. Yogic breathing (Pranayama) and the benefits of each practice 

  10. Yogic body cleansing (Kriya Yoga) 

  11. Mudras and their benefits 

  12. Yoga philosophy based on the Patanjali yoga sutras 

  13. Ayurveda and Yoga principles 

  14. Assisting yoga class with another teacher 

  15. How to teach 45min to 90min long classes 

  16. How to teach one-on-one classes 

  17. How to teach larger classes 

  18. Yoga career and business advice 

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